Hello, I’m Simon, a passionate cloud architect and the father of three cute children. It often happened that I looked for help on a topic on the Internet, but the answers were often difficult to find or were incomplete. As a consequence, I decided to blog the solutions to tricky problems so that both myself and other colleagues in the industry can quickly find the right answers to specific problems. The name of this blog comes from a training session that I set up with other colleagues to familiarize freshers (software-engineers) with the topic of the cloud. It is my aim to publish high quality articles on this blog. In terms of content, the focus here is primarily on the cloud and Linux, but other topics are touched on every now and then. I myself am on the way from software engineer to cloud engineer or cloud architect. If you like, you can accompany me on this journey for a while.


Hello, My name is Christian. I’ve been dealing with the topic of IoT for some time now. Again and again I came across things that were not easy to understand at first glance, or for which documentation was sometimes missing. When I heard about this blog from Simo, I had the idea of sparing other people these hurdles. That’s why I joined and from now on I’m responsible for all sorts of topics related to IoT.