I recently installed Pimcore for a hobby project. The downloads offered are aimed at installation in the cloud (e.g. AWS) or installation with the help of Docker. Since I didn’t want any costs for this project, cloud was not an option at this point. I couldn’t use Docker for other reasons. So I was left with the installation on Xampp. As it turned out, that came with a number of challenges.

The actual installation turned out to be quite simple: First I had to install Xampp and Composer. Then Pimcore could be installed via Powershell with the following commands:

# create the database
mysql -u root -p -e "CREATE DATABASE project_database charset = utf8mb4;"
# Download Pimcore
composer create-project pimcore / skeleton my-project
# Installation of Pimcore
cd ./my-project

Now I tried to launch the admin interface, but this didn’t work. It turned out, that I had to install the an SSL certificate and adapt the Apache configuration. First of all, I had to install the certificate. But which one? After some search, I ended up here which gave me a solution to this.

Now I tried accessing the Admin Interface again, but still had no luck. Looking into the Logs told me that Pimcore exhausted the memory limit, so I tried to higher the memory available in the php.ini - but still with no luck. Again, I had to do some research, which finally brought me to this page. Seems, that Apacha has a smaller default stack size on Windows, which is why this error occurs. Changing the httpd.conf gave the correct results:

<IfModule mpm_winnt_module>
   ThreadStackSize 8888888